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Rent Control 2020 - New Rules for Landlords
Learn everything you need to know about how to manage your Rental Property under the new Rent Control laws in CA. This course covers AB 1482. There will also be a significant Q&A segment for this class.


Property Management Basics
Learn basic and best practices for managing tenant occupied property.

Anatomy of the "Rent Cycle"
Perhaps one of the most important concepts to know to be a success in the rental business. From property preparation to handing over the keys, this course will outline the step-by-step process that guarantees success every time. Understanding the “Rent Cycle” is the foundation of being a successful Landlord. This is a fast-paced content packed class so sharpen your pencils!!! Everyone will learn something at this event.

Advanced Property Management
Master advanced techniques in Property Management. This course is especially designed for those who own multiple properties.

What to do When Things Go Wrong
Learn how to take the right action quickly when things don’t go as planned. Learn the proper actions to take when Tenants break the rules, pay rent late, add unauthorized pets, abandon the property or enter into eviction. Bring your questions and get your answers.

Security Deposit Mastery
Tenant Security Deposits are a major source of Tenant / Landlord disputes. Don’t learn the rules in the “Courtroom Classroom!” Learn how to handle the security deposit before, during and after tenant move-out. BONUS TOPIC: How to win every time in and out of small claims court.

6 Key Steps to DIY Landlord Success
Could you use some tips on ways to improve your property management system? Are you tired of irresponsible tenants? Could using a property management company be the answer? Even Do-it-Yourself Landlords need assistance once in a while. Learn where to get help and the best times to get it when you need it. This course takes an in depth look at the “rough spots” of owning and managing Rental Property.

Invest Like a Pro in Northern California
If you are planning to buy more Real Estate, don’t miss this class! Learn how to invest in Real Estate like a Pro before you buy. Master the 3 rules every successful investor follows to ensure they get it right the first time and every time.

Top 5 Things Rental Owners Can Do to Avoid a Lawsuit
Owning rental property can be a rewarding experience until you are served with your first lawsuit. Find out the top ways to avoid becoming a defendant in a lawsuit.

Top 10 Mistakes Every Landlord Makes At least Once
If you manage your own rental properties, you are likely making some critical mistakes that cost you money and time. Find out the top 10 ways to avoid these mistakes from a real estate investor expert and do it the right way.

Fair Housing Errors Owners and Managers Make Every Day
Fair Housing lawsuits against Landlords are on the rise…and the stakes are high! Learn how to avoid the most common “accidental” violations rental owners make. From advertising and showing vacant units to accepting or denying applications, attendees will learn how to avoid making costly mistakes.

How to Be Ready for County and City Inspections
This course provides a comprehensive look at County and City Inspections under current state and local laws, including: What are the inspectors looking for? What can rental owners do to make sure they are in compliance? This course will teach you how to perform proper inspections to make sure your property ready.

Great Investments Are Available in Any Market
Finding a great investment property can be easy if you know how. Take notes from professionals who purchase 10 properties per year and more! Learn how to spot a great deal and avoid a bad one.

Rental Applications, Rental Criteria and Credit Reports
Find the best tenant for your property! Improper tenant screening is a leading cause litigation against landlords. From presenting the application to performing background checks, this course will show you how to establish and follow legal procedures during the tenant screening process. Learn which information you may and may not ask perspective tenants.

Landlord Boot Camp (6-hour Event)
The Landlord Boot Camp is designed for rental owners who want a detailed-hands look at becoming a successful Landlord. Learn the top 10 rules successful landlords always follow and the 5 things they never do. This is a great course for beginner and veteran Landlords.

The For Rent By Owner Checklist
Preparing and renting your home can be a lot of work. From advertising and showing to contracts and handing over the keys this class will outline the seven specific steps every successful landlord must follow in order to have a stress free and profitable experience.

Rent Control 2020 - New Rules for Landlords
Learn everything you need to know about how to manage your Rental Property under the new Rent Control laws in CA. This course covers AB 1482. There will also be a significant Q&A segment for this class.

Listing and Selling Tenant Occupied Properties Under Rent Control
Learn how to successfully list and sell Tenant-occupied properties with ease. What questions should you and the seller discuss before you list. With new rent control laws, a lot has changed. Stay up-to-date on the new laws and learn what has changed for you and your clients.

Work with Investors Like a Pro
Homeowners buy or sell every 7-10 years while many investors buy or sell 2-3 homes per year! Don’t be shy when it comes to working with new or experienced investors. Learn what every investor really wants from their agent and how to provide it. This FREE class will be worth many thousands to new and experienced Realtors who want to know how to work with Investors like a Pro!

The "Rent Cycle"
Understanding the “Rent Cycle” is paramount to being a successful Real Estate investor. From property acquisition to making the property “Rent Ready” to handing over the keys, this course outlines the step-by-step process every successful investor follows. This is a fast-paced 2-hour content packed class so sharpen your pencils for this one!!! Everyone will learn something at this event.

Investment Analysis Without Using a Calculator!
Finding a great investment property is easy if you know how. Seasoned professionals know how to spot a great deal and avoid a money pit. Learn from the experts as they explain how they can spot a great Real Estate investment without ever using a calculator.

Find Accurate Rent Comps in 5 minutes
This class is a favorite for Realtors but is open to anyone interested in Real Estate investing. Find out why Zillow, Trulia and Rent-O-Meter are not enough. This event will teach you how to find accurate rent comps quickly.

Tax Advantages for “Licensed Realtor Investors”
Yes, it’s true! Active Real Estate agent investors get special treatment under the IRS code. Don’t miss out on the special deductions and privileges that come with having your Real Estate license.

Realtor / Investor Boot Camp
Realtors bring your Investor and learn together. This is an intensive 6-hour class designed for Realtors and their clients who want to learn more about becoming a successful Landlord. Learn how to reduce risk and promote success before during and after you buy Real Estate investment property. Also covered are Tenant/ Landlord Laws and best Property Management practices.


Bring your questions and get your answers from one of the area’s top Attorneys, Investment experts, Tax professionals and local elected officials.

Drinks and Hors d’oeuvres begin at 6:30. One-hour presentation begins at 7 followed by an open session for questions.

Mixer Topics include:

Rent Control
Investment Tips
Legislative Updates
Estate Planning


Legal Q & A's
Hear from a Sacramento top Real Estate Attorneys and ask them questions.

Rent Control & Just Cause Forum
This free event will help rental property owners to understand the serious nature of the rent control and just cause eviction threats to the industry.

Code Enforcement Q & A
CLA hosts County and City Sacramento code enforcement staff who will discuss their rental housing inspection program, tips on how to avoid fines and fees and other code enforcement issues. Code Enforcement officers staff will be available to discuss the rental inspection program, code enforcement issues and other top concerns of rental owners.

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