Proposed Legislation

California Assembly Bill - AB 1436
The "Free Rent" Bill

Assemblyman David Chiu (Democrat - San Francisco) introduced AB 1436 which forces landlords to defer rent for 15 months after the state of emergency is lifted. Tenants could go with over 2 years without paying rent and do you really believe any tenant will catch up after not paying for 2 years?

This bill does not have any protections for the landlord which will force many landlords to simply walk away from their investment properties.

Urge California Legislators to Oppose AB 1436: Click Here

California Assembly Bill - AB 828

Residential Rent Reduction & Other Protections for Tenants

AB 828, introduced by Assemblyman Phil Ting (Democrat-San Francisco), aims to change the terms of current rental agreements by forcing landlords to reduce rents by 25%.  The bill assumes all tenants are under financial stress due to COVID-19 and affords protections for all tenants with complete disregard of the landlord.

For more information visit the California Apartment Assoc. who has done a great job summarizing the bill and has been leading the resistance.

Join the fight by contacting the Author of the bill as well as your local representatives to let them know you oppose this bill!

Message the author of the bill: Click Here

Urge your local representative to vote no: Click Here

California Senate Bill - SB 939
Commercial Tenant Protections & Voiding of Leases

SB 939, sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener (Democrat-San Francisco), would make it illegal for landlords to terminate a tenancy, forces re-negotiation of lease terms and allows the tenant out of the lease if an agreement cannot be reached. 

For more information visit the ICSC website which provides a summary of the bill and has an easy way to express your opposition.

Even if you do not own commercial real estate, we recommend you help oppose the bill because it sets a precedence of giving all leverage to tenants while penalizing landlords.

Urge California Legislators to Oppose SB 939Click Here

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